Friday, September 18, 2009

How do you doodle in a computer lab?

The average class is what? An hour and a half? At least mine are anyway. Of course, i have never paid full attention to everything that is discussed during class time. Don't get me wrong, I still take notes and learn a thing or two. It is just that many times I find it difficult to keep from getting bored during class. Thats when my inner artist comes out to play. My notes are covered in doodles. Mostly of the superhero comic book variety but every now and then I spice it up with something extraordinary. For example, I may put something like ...lets say a cute squirrel, in the middle of the page. Then, whenever the prof is discussing something i dont need to hear, or a fellow student asks a question that makes me roll my eyes, I return to the squirrel and add as many tiny stick men(or stick women) around the squirrel battling it like it was Squirrelzilla. Y'know, holding machine guns, throwing grenades, ninja stick people, stick people jumping from planes with parachutes and the occasional flamethrower stick person. Part of the fun is coming up with new ideas like the circus stick figure who is shot out of a canon at the squirrel. If anyone reading this has never doodled a stick figure battlezone i highly recommend that it be tried. Fair warning, if you suddenly notice that class is over and you have no idea what was discussed then you went too far with you stick figures. What about those students who have computer labs? Just go into microsoft paint ( or whichever paint program) and get creative. I know that using a mouse is trickier then using a pen or pencil, but as with everything the more you do it the better you will become. Try filling the page with all black and then again with all orange. Next use the eraser and start making designs. You will notice that when you erase the orange, black will appear underneath. This allows you to design crazy jack o lanterns without mangling a bunch of pumpkins. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Kyle!

    I enjoyed the irreverent humor of this piece. It takes something almost all readers’ experience (sitting bored in class) and shows how you as an individual deal with it. And the way you deal with it is hilarious! I have now been motivated to create my own stickman battlefield, probably to the detriment of my studies.

    The only drawback is lack of any structure in the post. It is essentially a giant paragraph. I’m sure that as you get more familiar with blogger you will be able to make your post most aesthetically pleasing to read. I look forward to what you have planned to write next.

    - Jeremy